Balu, Vic, Barbara, Scott, Peter
an aftershow Gathering

3. 11. 2004 Munich 
Nightclub Bayr.Hof

probably one of the best bass players ever
Jaco is watching ya' Vic...

Und Daddy Joe (Zawinul) gibt seinen Segen.

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I I hardly ever met somebody with such a memory...
Vic for knowing you and meeting you again

you are, what we call - a hell of musicians...
From L.A. to Budapest....


Norbert - a true fan

2. 11. 2004 Munich  Garage

Das war wohl ohne Übertreibung die beste Performance seit Monaten....
what a great gig... (see also reviews)
This is, what I discribe as.... real Rock'n'Roll

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whether curly or straight...
There's no difference at looking smart...

Nicola, Rudi, Petra x 2
another memoryshot of our devoted music lovers


Howie Simon, the guitar king....he seems to like Whitesnake...und gutes Futter...(good food)

Hey, ich hab Harry Potter getroffen....
And I think, he's a real cutie?!
Gary Shutt (bass & guitar)

Sebastian (MTM Music), unsere gute Seele - und die Braunie-Family

lang nicht mehr gesehen! Kalinichta & Prost...

Die Melodic Rock Spezialisten
DJ Joshi, Sylvia, Peter & Bruderherz
wie ich Euch kenne, war's Euch viel zu heftig....Ihr Softies!
Rock It magazine & Munichs Hardest Hits having a small talk

the probably most occupied man in the whole music biz.
And PS.: Happy Birthday for the 4th.
You're still quite a bit younger than me!

die Dj's unter sich
have a look at www.rocktracks.de 
Fachdiskussionen mit karibischen Kreuzfahrt-Visionen, gell Klaus?!
Say hello to 
Styx, REO S... & Journey, when you're over there.

Die Imster Gesandtschaft
Petra & Maggo - kommt bitte bald wieder!
Aber ohne Work am nächsten Morgen.... -
Even fans from
Austria came all the way along...