Albert & the whole bunch

Albert Lee & Hogans Heroes
14.Feb. 2003 Munich
Rattlesnake Saloon

if god in music had a name.........

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another snapshot

it's so good to see ya' again Albert



Marty Friedman

13.2. 2003 Munich  Sheraton Hotel    
10 years Megadeth is enough - warum wohl?
ohne Gitarre  - but I wish I had one of his curls


Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels
12. Feb. 2003 Munich

he's still very much alive....
+  always back again for a vengance,- oder ist es der Rubel der rollen soll...?

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at his high peak


Rob & his girlfriend

Mitch & me



Ian with his biggest fan - Sina

Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)     
Tutzing 31.01. 2003
Red Rock Studios

auf die nächsten 10 Jahre 
going for another ten years at least

only the hairstyle got a bit different 
throughout the years

yep, he's a very busy man


Biff Byford
sogar off stage machen wir noch Werbung

Munich, 20.1.2003

Long live Heavy Metal!
Zumindest was Saxon angeht.

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Paul , Doug & Fritz

Where have you disappeared later on