Bobby Ingram
looking 20 years younger and 40 pounds lighter - simply great

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26. 04. 2005 A / Spektrum

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Phil McGormack
He's a real nice guy, - aber die Stimme!!!
Na ja, - Ansichtssache um's milde auszudrücken.

...with Reiner Hänsel
Tourmanager, Schutzengel, guter Geist und Mädchen für alles
ohne Dich hätt's so manche Aftershow Party nicht gegeben.
Thank You!

Herr Lehrer Lempel -Chris & Fred von
Home of Rock.de -
no Molly Hatchet Concert without them

Nine &  Hank   (Davison)
Es lebe der Allgäuer Southern Rock

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for a longlasting memory
John Galvin (keyb), Phil, Robert, Hank, Shawn & Jim

Dave Evans
he used to be the very first singer for
back in the Seventees - & 
Get his latest release
"Sinner", -Wahnsinn!

Shawn Beamer(drums) macht'n Kniefall vor Tina
Warum wohl???

no sunglasses tonight
oh Du lächelst so sexy
Hank! - Mit Robert samt
J.R. Ewing Hut

Jimbo - the new boy in the band
beeing a bit tired

Bobby & Dave
american-australien friendship

new record is out now
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für's Poesiealbum, - was Tina?

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Scheiße, ich hab den richtigen Moment verpasst....
...und Tina ihre einmalige Chance... selber schuld sag ich nur....
Die Gründe für den Kniefall von vorhin sind jedenfalls geklärt.

Bobby, I do know you now for 13 years,
& it's always nice to see ya' again - exspecially now, where you look so sexy!

but don't get me wrong, I always liked you, even 
6 years ago or even before....

James LaBrie
Ein Franko-Kanadier auf Abwegen

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24. 04. 2005 Munich

the no - Dream Theater - ambition tour

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...They do like the german beer, don't they....?!

... & he's still younger than me... & a huge Queen Fan