Jeff Scott Soto
one of the very best frontmen I know
Bewegung ist alles. Und kein Gramm 
Fett am Body

Marco Mendoza
...showing his mexican-indian heritage
Very smart !

Neal Schon
Tja, mit Journey hat er's bislang nicht nach good
old Europe geschafft. But therefor now with Soulsirkus -

Virgil Donati
Der Schlafzimmerblick weckt Tote auf.-
What a hell of a drummer! 
I'm gonna send Billy the pic. of us....

7 phone dates  within the past 15 Years.Now finally a 
personal rendevouz .....&  it was while worth it indeed !
Thanx for ..... whatsoever !

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13. 05. 2005 Munich  Metropolis

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Neal mit seiner Mami und Daddy
Die sind grad unterwegs auf Europa-Holiday & ganz
zufällig in München....

one fanshot par' excellence'
Doris, Stephan, Rudi & ?

Tina - hat sich gleich wieder die richtige Schulter ausgesucht.... 

Peter, Silvia & Tom
caught in the middle of Munichs Hardest Hits

Paul Cotton

 no Timothy B.Schmit anymore, but however, - it is a miracle
    to  actually have you back here again in good old Europe after such a long time.

Rusty Young

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Jack Sundrud

Please come back soon !

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....another memory cheese  in your collection Tina

                 12. 05. 2005 Munich

                           another Oldies but Goldies

                   Rusty with his girl for everything...

I don't collect autographs...but .therefore pictures