looking at least 10 years younger than he is....

              his vision of me - 
                   Picasso could not have done it better

Munich, 8.4. 2003  Bayr.Hof Nightclub

....alrighty... from Fusion Jazz   to  AC/DC  (seine Lieblingsband) 
 from Weather Report to maybe one day Herbie Hancock
  from Wiener Schnitzel to whatsoever......


  read review  deutsch

PS.: sorry I had left by late,  
        nevermind....I see ya' again!

Hey Vic,       
 thanx  for a great night out. Hope you come back soon....


        Munich, 7. April 2003
Kl. Elserhalle

what a hell of a guitarist......
       und der ist erst 33..... (left)

reviews....  deutsch

he's very smart


Mike & Henna (drummer of Gotthard)
2 drummerboys

     ........ + Steve (voc/Gotthard)

4.April 2003 Wörgl/ Austria

nice seeing ya' all again after such a long time - not Gotthard though.....

danke, es war schön Euch all wieder zu sehen

see also  reviews  deutsch 

Leo, Du bist ein Unikum
(git.Gotthard)  -cheeky little sod you are!

Trio Infernal - Prost
Junki  Stöps & Nobs

2/3 vom Brecher Clan
Wo ist Euer Zwergerl abgeblieben?
(Didi where have you gone?)

Robert, Crisu & Mike
where have the Safari-Times gone?

Noppl  - alter Kufperstecher
 a smile would suit ya'

Stöps, Du hast dieses gewisse,-  
You know what,don't ya'  - or not....?

Martin - you have changed!!!
But I never forget ya'

Elke - immer noch die Alte
still beeing the same....

Helli & Ingrid - huhuuuu!!!
one of my dearest friends

Bernie - Alle Achtung!!
Du hast Dich verdoppelt

Erinnerungsshot mit Leo  

Ingrid & me
she's pretty, ain't she?!!



.... with Sina

1.4. 2003 Munich  Marriott Hotel

ein Leckerle von Onkel Meat Loaf

with me -  he's one of the nicest chaps ever
auch wenn der Zahn d.Zeit..... okay, leave it...