Jawohl, auch München hat seinen Walk of Fame
Yes, Munich's got a Walk Of Fame as well......

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18.02. 2006 Munich, Olympiahalle

see also Live Review  deutsch

geschafft - done it !

just before showtime

one more shot

so many different passes....
da findet echt keiner mehr durch....

Don Airey
thanks for the nice conversation

Roger Glover
yep, it's cool man !

Steve Morse
this is mine...just to make sure.....

Ian Paice
I still got my hair

Ian Gillan (aftershow)
the hairstyle is getting shorter & the wrinkles seem
to get less - nice to meet ya' again.......

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oh Jesus.....

just after his show...

ahhh, hope it doesn't hurt

another cuddly toy for slaughter.... cheers Guys......
(Alice Cooper Pics by Dorothee Falke)

unser dekryptic-shrinkliger Computer-Spezialist
inklusive Kater Sylvester

aftershow again..

Roger Glover & Tina
sodala, hamma doch noch Glück g'habt !Wer sagst denn!!!

.Bussi Bussi !

....with Jerry Ewing
spotted  you  inmidst of 12.000 fans
   tonight here in munich -after 15 years  again.....

Jerry in 1990 in London -
still my favorite pic.... :-)))

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