thanks for everything Tony, including a great show, your music, your T-Shirt -  and seeing you again ......

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Munich,  13. 05. 2006  Backstage

Live Review  deutsch

Jesse Gress
obviously he does like our german beer here
visit his website - here

Tom Griesgraber - eine Hälfte vom Supportact
                       Tom & Jerry - & guess, who's Jerry >>>>>>>

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Jerry Marotta
what a hell of a drummer !!!! &  be careful, he sees
everything from up there on stage....

the wild &  crazy aftershow party looks like this......

Larry Fast  &  Pete Levin
......aber irgendwann können sie sich doch noch los reißen vom almighty Internet

Tina hat sich wieder mal mit dem Tourmanager angefreundet

this is it ! - Jesse

with Pete
thanx for linking me on your