06. 06. 2005 Nuremberg  Rock am Ring Festival

Marilyn Manson

Mötley Crüe

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03. 06.2005 M
unich  Garage

There's one thing, I've always asked myself about. What is the little difference between americans or english and us here? This tiny little something, what makes a Rock'n'Roll performance so energetic and special and most of all moving, like we say - straight between the eyes? And over here, some - not all - musicians seem, as they have swallowed a walking stick as stiff and moveless they act live on stage. However, this difference comes up to my mind, exspecially, when I've got one of these american comparison just in front of me right now....

Vain definately belong to those forgotten diamonds of the californian Glamrock association, who had risen up in the late Eightees within this Glamrock trend supporting Skid Row on their world tour. And this was it. - But just to mention, also Skid Row didn't suffer an everlasting success either.... It just lasted a bit longer. But in opposite to Skid Row, who went off almost completely and nowadays trying hard a come back without their Girlie-Fave Sebastian Bach, who on the other side follows a new solocarrier, - Vain have never got divorced inbetween. They have just moved from a mansion to a smaller souterrain flat, to compare it like this. But we all do this, when money gets short. But I Davy Vain probably doesn't look at this in such terms. He's still insisting on his bay area pratriotism, and surprisingly kept himself quite in well shape for his age. One thing is for sure. The band has left the glam style far behind them during all those years, at least what's up to image, outfit and attitude. They prefer jeans and t-shirts, and yeah okay - sometimes leather pants. The long hair has exchanged with a smart shorter cut. But all these things ain't important and forgotten within 10 seconds. - 

And all this, after this evening almost got destroyed in the beginning. But the holy ghost has given his blessings also over all the fans (those who didn't go to Rock Im Park Festival) and who's patience already plays russion roulett. And we get what we deserve. Not so much of these swedish Glam next generation  hope "Loud'n'Nasty", who really try give the performance something special. Dressed up in Spandex lack and leather and lots of hairspray on their bobs and a sexy politess giving an extra note to it. The exhaustion and trying it hard is honestly jumping outta their powder make up. And this is by the way water resistent. Not so the accoustical side, which doesn't seem water resistent at all and doesn't bring the bucket to the water, as we say so in german. But over all, when these young boys first have learned to put the focus more on their performance instead of their outfit, they could maybe really make it...


alrighty, Glam and whatsoever... Davy Vain is starting through, barefoot and under AC/DC, - straight between the eyes, as I mentioned before. And I have to give him that - very professional. Every step is at it's right place...., every move, and every hype... It's a spontainious illlusion, but a good one. Here is nothing left to a coincident. . The tunes are in place, and Davy is beating his San Francisco slang into our brains, exspecially in the one's of some blondes in the frontrow. It's only human and belongs to the clichee. The female audiance is not really there anyway. Just to say so. But who care's. Fact is, Vain doesn't need any latex pants or long hair or any glitter anymore to heat up the oven as a solid Rock'n'Roll act. And the most impressing fact is to develop a chaotic start of the night into a energetic party with the desire for much  more - no respect. Even I can't deny a little monotony  in Vain's music - at least in my ears. But at a live performance all clocks work the other way round... (as we say so -again) And some Melody weak points get ignored  by the strong performance. This kind of live acting - many german bands have to understand first. And there we are again with this walking stick strategy. 

However, 180 months Vain needed for the prologue and the way to good old Europe for a second time, including Germany for the very first time - an exotic new land. Now taking an analysis after this twosided premier I can state  with a lot of respect and no respect at all probably from your..... okay okay.... the next 15 years may come and hopefully the bring also an epilogue from beyond the great lake.... End of Story... Cheers...

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27. 05. 2005 M

Yep, go and kill me! I confess, I have dismissed once again the support act. But this time it wasn't even done on purpose, but just simply due to the fact, that I wouldn't have entered this oven one second earlier than I had to for Thunder. The risk to catch a fivedimensional heatwave inclusively  a sunstroke caused by even hotter limelights in this smokey atmosphere is just to high. Or am I just getting old?

Never mind. - Thunder came, they saw and the won - the match within the first minute of appearance. Okay, we waited long enough for the return of the Brits to tune in the "Dirty Love" hymn again. And be honest, beside some other smaller hits, this is still the one and only and over all Thunder hit. Of course, they keep it for the encore at the end, - the so called bonus with a small surprise. But we'll be getting there later.
Anyway, Thunder haven't forgotten how to rock, that's for sure. As we say in german: as older we get, so better we are - like good old wine. At least I've got the best comparison as I've experienced the band from the very beginnings in the late eightees right in the center of London. At those times Luke, Danny, Ben and Harry  were wild at heart, young and going for Tarzan hunts Jane.... so nowadays they've become a bit more calm and peaceful and of course older. But.... it doesn't mean, they are less rocking. One thing is for sure, the rest of a few years inbetween has not done 'em any harm. And they do not suffer of any rheumatism. Here and now we've got five still youthful energetic musicians, who don't try a salto mortale to get the right vibe. No the power is still naturally flowing thanks to years of experience and further developement of their individuell roots - striking the pulse of time. Thunder had and still have a secret recepy which is called commerce.

This is rockmusic for everybody. Granddaddy is swinging his smokersleg together with his grandson/daughter and nobody feels neclected. It's sticking in your ear a 100%. No boring overdone guitar or drum solos disturbs the magic. And one great tune after the other completes the session. "I Love You More Than Rock'n'Roll", "Love Walked In" or a supurb version of Wild Cherry's "Play That Funky Music" - everything is brilliantly performed and well arranged, so nobody in here bothers anymore about the sauna. - It's true: Music is Music, no matter what kind of.... as long as it's good. 

This here is the third and last stint of the tour trilogy of Thunder here in Germany. But it's also another start to check out, if the crowd is still going for them - that's what Luke Morley told me just before the performance. I presume, today the last doubts about this  have been destroyed. Yes, you could call it victory, and it's just a question of time and coordination when the band will be back.
Oh yes, of course, - the small surprise I was mentioning earlier comes up at the end of the show, and it's an attractive lady from the next door situated  Tabledance Club, - doing a well done striptease show - as a  goodie for the band. Only Luke knew about it. Jesus wept, I really wanna be one of singer Danny Bowes brain cells to share his overwhelming surprise. You can honestly watch his face blushing up despite his attractive grey hairstyle. How sweet! - But of course - Danny has got the situation under control within a few seconds. One thing is for sure, the striptease has given the whole show an extra bonus, and the Tabledance Club next door has received a great promotion.
Thunder have got our blessings for 2005. Good solid rockmusic for everyone. And I'm damn sure, that every kid in this Metropolis Grill  has celebrated a barbecue-party, even without steaks and HP Sauce. - And we are happy....
Not so Luke.... who is complaining aftershow: "first England has to beat Germany next year in the world championships and then become worldchampion... and then....
Oh.... shut up boy, - we haven't got that far yet.....
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