Davy Vain
he hasn't changed  much since then....

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back again after many years....
and the very  first time in Germany

Ashley Mitchell (Bass)
von Anfang an mit dabei......

Glam Queen & Poison Ivy
ich sag nur: Rock Chicks.de 

Davy now 2005

& then 1990 in London supporting Skid Row
what a hell of a party that was....!!!

Louie Senor (drums)
ob der damals schon dabei war, kann ich aber nicht sagen.

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Schwedens Glam-Nachwuchs-Export
Loud'n'Nasty  Rob Nasty - (vocals and bass)

oh Gott, das nennt man Nächstenliebe,- was Stephan?!

Horst war damals auch dabei... 1990 in London

you haven't changed a wink for the past  15 years 
...& I never forget that one night getting lost at Travalgar Sqare
ending up in some cardboards.....

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27. 05. 2005 Munich  Metropolis

Stumpy (Lightengineer) & Mark (Tourmanager)
gathered by  Tina + Petra

nach dem Motto - Stille Wasser gründen tief....

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with Luke
knowing each other since 1988 - and we both have survived
over all these years

this Pics  I took  in 1990, the day when Thunder played
Castle Donnington -
 just  after getting up in the morning.....(without  me by the way!!)

cheeezzzzeee - once a Sunnyboy, alsways a Sunnyboy

Luke 100% beschlagnahmt  von übereifrigen Ladies....
& wehe da stört einer, bzw. eine!..... Und das bis...... ?