04.05. 2006 Munich,  Kl. Elserhalle  (deutsche Version - hier )     
Axxis & Krokus

Mirror,mirror on the wall, who's the biggest rent a mouth in the world of Rock'n'Roll? Yiippiieehh nitingale I hear you singing, and yes Berny, I stil do love you because you're the most charming gossip talker ever. The unique entertainer, - David Letterman for headbangers. Great and irresistable. Yep that is a love spell, what you think what it is?!! Luv ya because of your personality, your talent to let snowhite ride a harley davidson, or better glorify the girls you keep getting up on stage, so they will dream for half an eternity after this trip to hell. And when one of these brides even enters the stage for a second time to hail you, then you are probably her personal dream of sleepless nights for the next six months. 

The rest is mere details and very entertaining. Your biggest bonus are those songs, which stick into our ears, melodies, which have the necessary energy, drive by a ferrari engine on the leadguitar, oil on the bass and rhythm six strings, pushed by an Axxis activ jungle drum, and underlined by a amazon voice in C dur.
No Bernie, you will never get rid of your german accent, despite the english charming aura, which is pushed into the holy ground of our little Elserhalle.  And you even get some help by Lady Moon, - pardon - Lakonia. What a full sounding name.- What is the real name of this lady in black actually by the way - this stylistic icon of metal ideology. Never mind. Fact is, that the flagship named Axxis is a solid institution on the german Heavy Metal heaven, easy going on cloud no.9. And St.Peter gives his blessing, that you will continue to give us sparkle and glitter. Yes, this is fun Rock'n'Roll. and later on, when your old and grey haired Bernie, you can still enjoy our  minds as the german Conan O'Brian or Jay Leno. But till then, hopefully many years will pass beneith the hardrock heaven. And we continue to listen to the spells of wisdom nicely headbanged into the ground. Yep Bernhard, I.... we still do love you soooo much and we are looking forward to get inspired by your brilliant conversation and stories, told in a kind of speed of light, and only interrupted by some solid good Rock'n'Roll. Voila, the next beer is up to me.

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Now it's getting a bit more difficult for me with our swiss guys here, who's carriere goes back to..... hmmmm? .... so what? - good question, but never mind... but I drown in memories, when I hear all those tunes like "Easy Rocker" or "My Stick Goes Broom". Songs, who got me shaking 20 years ago, and they still do. But please don't ask me, how old I am now. Yep old enough, to be able to talk about it, but still a bit younger than our sexy curly hair Marc Storace. 

Okay,okay, I do a bit hard with the current band line up, knowing, that there is only one original is left from the past. Oh shit, I don't exactly know, how I shall explain. Mandy Meier, who I know longer than the rest of the guys here, is a first class guitarist, and he fits in pretty well in this structure. But..... it is not Fernando van Arb, who he substitutes, when this original guitarist quit the band for whatever reasons.
Of course everyone can be substituded. But originals you can't really. A new guy on the drums as well, who is a name for himself in the german scenery. And the rest of the group is also from the so called next generation. But just close your eyes, concentrate on Marc Storaces voice, and it almost feels, like pushed back into the past tense. No don't worry, up there is a great band, who knows, how to spread their vibes. Mandy is giving his energy in plastic pants, and he swears that they don't make him sweat bu rather have a cooling effect.  Believe it or not... And our 4 strings Apollo of tonight, shows himself rather behaved, which means, at least one button is closed on his Karl Lagerfeld sil degree shirt is closed. Valentino sends his regards, and the bright sunshine on his face, let the rocker brides almost faint in the first row in a self pulled up orgasm. Nice side effect, ain't it?!!

Yep, itís Party Time.  And let us forget the past. and enjoy the present. As long as the vibe lets the doll do a dance, we do accept the things. 
That's Krokus here and now in 2006. Oldies but Goldis, at least whats up to Mr. Storace, fit and a very sexy aura. And over all, spread the asheds into all four sky directions. Long live Rock'n'Roll, including chips, a beer and a joint. 

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