Back again on the Surface.- No actually he's always been here, but has mainly written Music for other artists. Meanwhile there's a record of more than 200 of his song, which have been in the charts. One of the most famous one's has been 'God Gave Rock'n'Roll To You', which has been adopted by Kiss, who gave it a commercial success. It's a track from the early seventies, Russ has recorded together with Argent first. Over all those many years inbetween, this musician and songwriter has created so much music and has released quite a few solo albums. Whereby you can realize, that in the past it as more the rock'n'Roll side beeing the focus, while nowadays it is more the lyric note. He himself says, that this is a matter of personal developement, getting older and more major. - I personally remember the excellent 'Barnet Dogs' album and the hardrocking songs 'Beware' and 'Rene Didn't Do It' or the rhythmic tune 'I'm A Scorpio' from the album 'At The Third Stroke'- These are all songs created in the seventies. Later on Russ had an success with 'Voices', a sort of esoteric song. However, Russ is a person, who is very much aware about his surrounding and the world itself and other humans. And all this he has now put in his new release 'Book Of Love'. No, he ain't expecting a huge success but as he says so, - if this album gets only one person to think about things, then the goal is already reached.

Now, you can think whatever you want. In the end it's all a matter of taste, what's up to the music.
Russ has come to Munich now, ot introduce his new piece to us journalists and media people in form of an accoustic set. Same time, he reminds us about all his great songs, he's written for other musicians. Russ presents us a mixture of new material from 'Book Of Love' and 'New York Groove', or 'Beware' (see setlist lefthandside).-
He is accompanied by his two longtime partners Chris Winter (guitar) and Steve Jones (keyb.)  And although Russ ain't what you call a - Reach for the Stars - frontman, he can manage in the end, that the audiance here clap their hands and sing along with - yeah sort of....:-) - 'till the finale, which is of course ‚God Gave Rock’n’Roll To You’.
You can feel, that this first class musicians still has fun to live up within his creativity also on stage. He reminds us further about 'Winning', which has been a smashsong for Santana and about 'So You Win Again' which has been recorded by Hot Chocolate. And of course we all know Rainbow's version of 'Since You've Been Gone'- Every now and then I hear an ohhh  and ahhh in the audiance beeing surprised about a piece of music, they know but weren't aware 'till now, that it was written by Russ Ballard as well.
Just to get it straight again... this man is one of the biggest and most successful songwriters in Rock'n'Roll  and beyond. There is only one thing, he's never reached, and this is an international break through as an artist on stage. But I'm pretty sure, he doesn't need that anymore . Because everybody who's got a decent musical knowledge and understanding knows who he is anyway .

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Within an one hour radiospecial Russ Ballard will present us his personal point of view about songs he's written, but have been recorded by other artists. For instance: America, Rainbow, Frida and Hot Chocolate. The complete special can be heard shortly on various radiostations. We keep you informed about the details.
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