There we go again.... it's not that long ago, since the germany Gothic Metalheads Crematory played this venue here, and this even with the same supportact Atargatis from Regensburg. Last time I did an extensive review already about uncle Henry and Co. (hier). This prototype of a Heavy Metal drummer with the most sexy legs since Marlene Dietrich, still sits behind the drumkit. Only change of both bands here are new records. Atargatis released their latest CD 'Nova' already last year. Crematory put their new piece 'Pray'  out just a couple of months ago on the 1st of Feb. - Of course this needs promotion again, and because both acts know each other well, it's not much of a question to cooperate together again. 
But before Atargatis and Crematory start their chamber concerto, local act Beyond The Voyd try to heat up the flame, which ain't easy with only a few fans again. 

They as well got a new record out named  ‚Gloom Is A Trip For Two’, the 3rd CD of the band. I have to confess, where there are more than 2 acts within a concert, I tend to miss out on one pretty often. IN this case here, I just arrive in time to catch the last 2 songs, enough to take some pics. That's why I don't allow myself to do a further review. - The time was just too short. 

Women Power is the slogan for the next act, fronted by pretty Stephanie Luzie 

The visual aspect draws most of the audiance to the front. And though it's been pretty empty before, now there ain't almost no space left. Our little redhead takes every opportunity to give all these headbangers here even more fire under their butt. Small but strong going, that's the best way to describe her with an even stronger voice matching with the dark oral vocals of Lord Lornholds. But it is the difference, which draws to each other, and Atargatis are not the only one's who go for that. The six strings magician from Crematory joins Steph on stage and gives the performance this special little something. They come again on stage for one encore, and the witches dance is ending with a fidel, red hair and one point to zero.

Soon after, Crematory roll on stage, fronted by  big boy Gerhard „Felix“ Stass, who's impressing appearance seems like a rock in the swimmingpool - allmighty, scary and everywhere. 

Zerberus the hell dog, would give in his job as the door security, if big boy says so. But he won't - god thanks. He is happy with the stage here, who he fills almost completely with his appearance. He is accompanied by Polux and Castus, better known as Matthias Hechler (guit) and Harald Heine (Bass). 

In the background there is still Kartin Jüllich on keyboard situated and the, above mentioned uncle Henry a.k.a. Markus Jüllich. ( he just look like an uncle Henry, that's why) 

The door to the underworld has just been opende and asks to a colourful musical mixture including an evening prayer. - Pray is the slogan anyway. And this my friends, is, what we do with all our metallic power and an amen. The prayer is shown on the setlist ans is worked through with no mercy of all these innocent headbangers here. The slogan here is: back to the roots. 

A Coverversion makes no summer, as we say so, - coming up in the middle of the encore. But that one is so weird that you have to listen closely to get a connection to the original. I'd be interested, what Andrew Eldritch would say for a comment to this funny version of his classic tune 'Temple Of Love'... But we won't get to know this, will we?! Never mind, the oven is slowly glowing down after burning old woods and some new cerosin - Pray, without any strange smell. 
Only the guy, who empties his whole stomach across some people's bags and jackets should really be burnt in a crematory....