Yeah, actually you could get the impression, you're at this somehow dark atmosphere of the Titty Twister Club, somewhere close to the mexican border in nowhere country. It's this dark blue and even darker red lights, (shame for us photographers), reveiling some odd silhouettes. . And over all there is this magic  sexuall attraction. The only thing missing here, is this sweet Marihuana small and the vampire teeth, and of course beautifual Salma Hayed, dancing the snake dance. Oh yeeesssss, we luv to remember the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino cult movie 'From Dusk Till Dawn' from 1996, in which Tito & Tarantula underline the creepy scenery and call the vampires  with their high tension song 'After Dark'. 

Salma Hayek - unforgetable

Jessssss.... this was so beautiful...!!!!!
But...'From Dusk' Till Dawn' is 13 years old now. Tito is 13 years older (doesn't look like it though :-))) and the Band Line up has been skinned like a snake over the years.. And to go back to the blank facts, Tito still lives of this cult, most of all here in Europe. 'From Dusk 'Till Dawn' is still up to date, it like there has never been an inbetween.....

Today's show happens within the so called Backstage Open, lasting for 2 days. But because of the instable weather conditions right now, the whole event has been changed into an indoor event. There are 4 acts on this first day, whereby I have to confess immidiately, I once again miss the first act, the opener, which is named 'Hassliebe'. That one is a local bavarian rockband, who goes for heavy metal with german lyrics. And this lot seems to be very busy according to their official website. There is not much more I can tell you to tonight's appearance. Only the setlist I can get hold on, to give you an idea, what they have played tonight. 


                              Second are Benzin from the bavarain city of Ulm.

To be very honest, I have had no idea about the existence of this band and also the one before, until this very day. Never mind, you can't know everything, can you? Unfortunately at that point most of the audiance is still outside the building enjoying the refreshed thunderstorm air, enjoying one or two cigarrettes more. That's why the place still seems pretty deserted, despit a few curious guests like me, or their actuall fans. I have to say, I think these boys are very witty and cheek little sots, the way they beat their punkrock outta of themselves. They provoke with their comments inbetween the songs. - German language guitar shit, that's what the band calls their music, according to their website. And they don't give a shit about conventions, though they rather look like behaved boys with excellent maniers. But apart from the visual aspect, Benzin are beating the hell outta themselves,... yeah well, as much as the conditions let them do so...

They have 2 records out so far, and the third one is out soon. With the tune 'Tijuana' they finish their 40 minutes show. And I can only give you a tiny hint to give 'em an ear... you won't regret....


Well, my full interest now goes to 'The New Black', also from the outskirts of Bavaria, whom I see here for the very first time live on stage. This show is introduced by 'The Unknown Stuntman' from Lee Majors sounding out of the boxes. 

I'm mainly curious, as one of the boys is a journalist collegue of mine named Christoph Lein. And as their is the chance now to check 'em out, so I definately don't miss that. Meanwhile the venue is averagely filled by fans, though there are still large spaces inbetween. 
But The New Black ain't impressed by that, and shoot off with full power. 

So what shall I say? First impression: I'm very positively surprised. Respect, I didn't think it's gonna be like that. And the best thing is, the band doesn't sound like the average Hardrock Band, and most of all, - they don't sound german. They really could manage to put a very modern touch to their hardrock, without sounding alternativ or like new metal. There is no 80s headbanger sound, but rather fresh and international rock with a good rhythm, getting stuck in our ears, most of all the first 3 tracks. But also the track 'Welcome To Point Black' meets the tooth of time, as we say so. 

Christoph hat das posen inzwischen perfektioniert :-)

Apart from that, I'm not surprised, that the debutalbum of this band got also released in the US.  Congratulation, I truly do like what I see and hear here. And I could easily imagine, that this band could get somewhere one day.....


.... and there it is again, this smokey, dark atmospere, which makes us thinking, that within the next few moments some kind of werwolfe or Nosferatur comes creeping out of a shadey corner. Like I said before, the aura is magic, and there is some sort of sultriness in the air.

Tito Larriva seems somehow untouchable with his sunglasses in the beginning... Yeah well, like a vampire fearing the light. Guitarist Steven Medina Hufsteter rather reminds me of this kind of man, gliding in a higher sphere, playing his guitar riffs almost unconciously. And those one's again show some sort of unreal virtuosity. On bass - like always - a woman. It's Caroline Rippy in our case here, who lives in Germany by the way. Pretty fit on bass, and the only thing missing is the snake round her nek... How about that - next time.. Caroline? 
Last but not least - Alfredo Ortiz on drums... This guy again has another little side job, handling the drums with the Beastie Boys.... 

Meanwhile our Titty Twister Club is well filled, although it ain't that many vampire fans, like last time, aprox. one year ago. Reasons given for that is maybe the fact, that their are 4 festivals going on right on this weekend in the nearer surrounding, maybe also holiday time or the mean
thunderstorm which has just passed Munich a couple of hours ago. 

Tito is mexican through and through, with this mystery aura on stage. During the set, this stinging face expression gets even more extensive. And it's this somehow unholy and dark, sexual  flair, which seems almost untouchable... Using spanish lyrics makes it even more exotic.
It's something you just can't get out of it's ban....

No Tito ain't no George Clooney, but he's got this special little something up there. This litte Something you can't train. You either got it or don't have it. And Tito definately has got it with a voice which varies from very smooth to an almost desperate screaming. There's no doubt about that. And the Titty Twister Feeling becomes reality. 
The hitsingle 'After Dark', by the way - the 13th song on the setlist comes in the longversion, slow, and very sexy... well 'till about half way, and then Tito asks the audiance to join him on stage to dance along the imaginary snake dance. 

And our Munich audiance doesn't need to get asked twice... 
The second song from the cult movie 'Angry Cockroaches' closes the official set.

Meanwhile the place is steaming and very very hot, and yet there is time for another track, wich is the mexican version of the oldie track 'Secret Agent Man', written by Steve Barri and P.F. Sloan, best knows in the version by the Ventures. This one again ends in a jamsession to 'Anarchy In The UK from the Sex Pistols, also performed the spanish way. And you can't deny the fact, that our Speedy Gonzales has wasted himself 'till the last bit of energy...
Tito's Titty Twister Club here is closing finally it's doors tonight. But this nonstop, constant vibe, left by Mr. Larriva is still there for quite a while, giving us the final multiple orgasm.  
However, well done.... without question... and for the 13th time or even more  - in some ways... and yes it's this aura you know..this god damned aura...
Hey Tito, just to get it straight, this is a luv declaration to your music, your performance a little thank you for your friendship and please come back soon....

Aftershow Snapshots can be found at the Diary