yeah well, not so much a vampire, but more a cuddly Teddybear. Thanks for knowing you for sooooo long

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Munich, July 3  2009
Backstage Werk

Live Review  deutsch  -  english

Steven Medina-Hutsteter  (Git)
immer noch nicht ganz koscha aber absolut okay....

Alfredo Ortiz (Drums)
studies Tito's  bavarian Picturebook
hoffentlich kommt er bald auch mal  mit den Beastie Boys
nach München

Sweet Caroline  (Bass)
showing her most sexy look

not every tourmanager is as nice as her

Frechheit siegt - & es findet sich immer ein Weg ins Heiligtum gelle?!
and yes, there is also a young generation of Tito Fans.

it's always nice to see ya again and again and again...& 'till next time......