We've got this saying in german: such as father so as son... And you could put this description onto drum legend Ginger Baker and his son Kofi,. Although there are definately quite a few differences between those two, and that's not only the fact, that Kofi ain't no legend yet. But well, it's never too late, and maybe some day he will be one as well. However, I'm at least pretty sure, he does follow a healthier lifestyle, as his dad did in the past. Kofi looks great and pretty fit. 
And most of all, I assume, Kofis doesn't want to be compared with his dad all the time, although the famous sure name does help a little in some ways and makes things a bit easier. 
When Kofi was a little kid, his dad showed him how  to play the drums, and both appeared live in the Old Grey Whistle Test TV Music show in England. Later on, when his dad had left home, Kofi, who was infected by the musical virus, made an efforet to develop an individual personality and was very keen, to become a very good drummer on his own. In 1992 he moved to the USA, where he still lives. The possibillities and chances for his carriere were and still are much better over there. Kofi also inheritated his love for jazz music, he's giving drum lessions and is also busy working for other artists next to run his very own project. So he did some drumming for Eric Sardinas in the past, and before that he even toured with Jack Bruce, his dad's collegue in Cream. 
Currently it's his Cream Experience band, he takes on tour, and this for the first time also here in Germany.

The idea ain't that old. It came across, when he watched his dad playing with Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce at their reunion shows of Cream at the Royal Albert Hall in London back in 2005. And as this is probably never gonna happen again, he must have thought, to carry at least the spirit of Cream along, a band, who's music definately wrote music history. 
For the current activities with the Cream Experience Kofi could get guitarist Tony Spinner in his boat, a very gifted musician, who follows a long solo carriere and was with Toto for about 10 years live in stage. Tony handles not only the guitar, but also the vocals in our case here. Yeah well and not to forget the third guy in the band, who is bassist Ric Fierabracce, who played with many well known artists such as Chick Corea, Tom Jones and many more. 

But these boys have chosen the probably worst day, you can only imagine to play Munich. And that's not due to the fact, that they arrive very late at the venue, because of getting wrong inside Munich. And it's also not because of a bad hairday or Munich itselves. It's more or less the fault of one single event, taking part at the exact same time, and that's the half time final of the Champions Ligue down in Madrid between Real Madrid and FC Bayern. Almost everybody is glued to the TV screen tonight here in Munich exept some souls, who are either not interested into soccer at all, or just prefer a good concert instead feat. Kofi Baker's Cream Experience live on stage at our Rockclub no. 1 the Garage. 
I'm very curious myself, though I can't avoid having my pocket radio with me, just to check from time to time, what the score is in this so very important soccer match. But don't worry, I'm totally focused on this Cream dejavu show here as well, which offers us all those great Cream tunes, some Blind Faith and even Hendrix. The setlist is shown on 2 pages, whereby I somehow missed this 1st page, showing milestones such as 'Strange Brew' and 'Spoonful' next to many others. The other page for the second part of the show you can check yourself below. 

And although there is no big crowd, the threesome here puts out a pretty intensive show, including a 17 minutes drum solo of Kofi, showing us, that he truly has got the same talent for this compley polyrhythm as his dad. 

And his drumbeat  goes hand in hand with the energetic basslines of Ric Fierabracci. Apart from that, it's Tony Spinner, who handles both duties singing and playing the guitar, as mentioned already above. 

No, we really can't complain about this. It's a solid and great performance by 3 ambitioned musicians, who show hos much fun they have to play together. And this sparkle is jumping across from the stage onto us, making this show so well received. Shame, that king soccer has shown no mercy to provide a larger audiance. But mind me, on the other hand, I wouldn'd mind, Kofi and his band to play at such days, at this seems to bring luck along, as FC Bayern Munich beats Real Madrid in their home stadium... Yeahhh - Champ.Final we are coming.....!!!! 
However, I for my part really hope, that this lot will be back sooner or later. And I can only advise all of your out there, to check 'em out next time they are here....

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