Kofi Baker
also viel Ähnlichkeit hat er nicht mit seinem Erzeuger. Aber er ist viel 
zugänglicher und unkomplizierter.  - Very nice boy indeed....
and despite living for so long in California, he can't avoid his very 
english accent...

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Munich, April 25  2012

Live Review  -  deutsch  -  english 

Tony Spinner
looks at least 10 years younger as he really is....
and abviously luv's german beer :-)  http://tonyspinner.com/
for some statements

Ric Fierabracci
a little too serious.....http://www.ricfierabracci.com

For Kofis little statement please

This pic of Ginger Baker was taken last October in Salzburg
Austria during the Jonas Hellborg Group Tour
Check out  this live review and the interview  -  deutsch  - english