MAN 2007
Bob Richards, George Jones, Josh Ace & Daddy Martin Ace

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Habach, Bavaria 09.04. 2007 

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Klaus, der Boss vom Rockradio
Der bayrische Gerstensaft schmeckt ihm jedenfalls.....

Rudi  vom Village in Bestlaune

Dr.Rock at work interviewing Dieter from the Village

Anita aus Berlin & auch vom Rockradio

Bob - the welsh B.....
That's what Jerry Ewing said - .not me !
I rather think you are somehow ....
.....okay let's say a great drummer !!!

Josh - the next generation hope

George - he took on Daddy's job, and he does
 it very well indeed

- auch wieder mit dabei

we could have talked the whole night about memories.....
Please stay in touch, won't ya'.....?!