Gary Holt (Exodus)
es gibt Menschen, die mag man einfach....
... and he is one of them....

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Munich, Dec 11  2010
Backstage Werk

hier wird der individuelle Bedarf an Thrashmetal
eindeutig gedeckt
Satisfaction guaranteed - what's up to thrash metal music

Onkel Jürgen „Ventor“ Reil (Kreator)
treu deutsch  - very german indeed....

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Mark Osegueda (Death Angel)
he hasn't changed a wink within the past 20 years
still charming and still very ....
(find a pic of him & me - 20 years ago - here)

Will Carroll  &  Ted Aquilar  (Death Angel)
ready for action - yeah well - almost...

Tom Hunting (Exodus)
the usual Metal hello - Pommesfinger hoch 3

Rob Dukes (Exodus)
just minutes before going on stage - so let's be
very serious....
man muss schließlich ein Image verteidigen....

Jack Gibson (Exodus)
looking a big groggy -  aber hallo!!!

Live Review  deutsch  -  english

Nick Melissourgos (Suicidal Angels)
präsentiert uns heute griechische Thrash-Philosophie
presenting his greek thrash philosophy

Mille (Kreator) & seine liebe Frau, die ihn heute in
München on Tour besucht hat.....
nice to see you again Mille and I never forget the old story
at the London Marquee in 1991