Percy & John-Paul.....
talking about old times.....

and there will be no reunion, - for fuck sake!

Kleines Geheimnis am Rande: Die Beiden sehen sich hier das erste Mal seit Jahrzehnten......

Hamburg, 07. 05. 2003  Hiatt Hotel

   at least two of them......
so sieht also der liebe Gott aus!

Robert explaining the facts....
and no questions about a reunion please!

he's such a cutie  - cuddling up
next time, I bring Sina along again, promise!

Here I am....
It seems,  he lives in a different world

ich strahl ja wie ein Honigkuchenpferd...
Kein Wunder, auf dieses Foto hab ich 21 Jahre gewartet.

me smiling like sunshine....
I waited for this pics 21 years.... 


luv ya' John.....

Hallo Ihr Beiden Süßen! Is'  immer wieder schön, Euch zu sehen.
                    Marco & Martin leading the promotion.....

... with the big boss, who made it possible
        Thank you und dicken Schmatz!


München, 6. 05. 2003  
Hilton Tuchapark Hotel


still youthfull and  still going, 
Blimeme..... I wish, I looked that young when I'm that age..........



Virgin Records Big Boss Udo    &     Peter Gabriel.....sein Schützling

München, 5. 5. 2003

what a hell of a show!!!


see also reviews!


  Der Name des einen ist auf dem T-Shirt des anderen
Tony Levin & his biggest Fan HJ
    was nice seeing you again Tony, - only too short!

Don't look so grumpy!



HJ - Prost

so jung kommen wir nicht mehr z'amm, gell Wolfi?!!
We never get back together this young......

           Junges Glück??   Kathrin & Christian

Wörgl/ Austria  4.5. 2003

read concert review.... deutsch

Al and the Boys

                   Tourmanager müsste man sein...
                     nice job you've got, chaps.....


Er hat was.....  

Johnny is only the singer - Ross is The Boss

Johnny Van Zant
24.04. 2003 Munich....
Le Meridian Hotel

Lynyrd Skynyrd 
nicht tot zu kriegen

Long live the Southern Rock
and it's spirit

Freebird, and Freebird and Freebird....
and oh bugger off with it....

However nice to meet ya' all again....>>>

         also see Inside Sina (Page 2)

hey, the little corner in my heart is still there..