Jean & Romy
The star & the boss

                   Bam Bam & Uwe
die eine Hälfte von Bonfire

                               me & Sandra
on the right >

The Crew

Jean lookin' cool

Crown Of Thorns  
(Halloween) 31.Oct. 2002
+ schon wieder  in der Garage...... 
                   and once again in the Garage-Club here in Munich....

                             "Jean, it's always nice to have you here......
                                                                 Please come back soon.....


Live Is Rock'n'Roll, ain't it?!!! >

and all together now

Tina & Admirrer

let's get crazy


      me & Claudia - we're gettin' nuts


Motörhead/ Anthrax  
25.Oct. 2002 Munich
ausverkauft (sold out)    
  Where was Lemmy by the way?  

it was a good party, wasn't it?!!

Reviews   deutsch

´Phil Campbell (git.) - bitte nächstes Mal die Herrentoilette benutzen:
  .......don't get mixed up with the ladies & gents bathroom 
next time please ...

me & Phil
        ...beeing silly

Anthrax Impressions
not as loud as on stage

Romy  - the host
another drink please

Michaela, Nanni & Shamma
with german Tour-attendent

Bobby Altvater
looking suspicious