Hexi telling Mickey...
"You look like a bassplayer
...und wie sieht ein Bassist aus???

Chappo - hasn't changed a wink...
und immer für ein Gläschen zu haben

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by the way, the one on the left is the bassplayer...

thanx for beeing my friend for 
all over these years


19. 4. 2004 Munich  Backstage

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saxophone meets two guitarists

Tina & ihr Verehrer
Opportunities... manchmal ist es wie verhext!!!

don't worry - be happy, 

John, where is your drumkit?

Mickey & Dave
tall & small 

who is taller?
Dave used to be in Humple Pie and is still in Bad Company
besides the Shortlist

...yes my Dear...

at the Nachtcafe at 3.30 in the morning
let's boogie!!!


lets have a party
from left: me, John, Ian, Tina and Dave



Joe Gooch
better than Alvin Lee but....
however, - you were still flying with the storks, when Woodstock was on...

8.4. 2004 Munich  Kleine Elserhalle

brilliant like then but with a little handycap
Get rid of the bloody shade for christ sake....

...once upon a time....

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Chick Churchill
Mr. Charming

Leo Lyons             Ric Lee
and once again...
Oldies but Goldies

Der Fachmann spricht...
The Wolf

...."seids bald fertig.... Ich will heim!!!"
keep moving guys, I wanna go home....