he's even got his own cup on tour - 
und glaubt ja nicht, dass da Cafe' drin ist !!!

Ingolstadt, Bavaria


next time we'll talk a bit longer - promise !


oh Jes...... - Virgil, you are the most serious man ever
with the  sadest  eyes in t he world....
Don't forget staying in touch 

These Boys here are just bloody fuckin' brilliant...
in every way... - yeah almost - dun' know
about  the rest !!!!  :-)))
(just kiddin')

click drumkit to watch a teaser for
Virgil's upcoming
DVD - Live in Stockholm
coming in December (WMP)

Live Review  -  deutsch


knowing you now for so many years. In 1988 I met ya first time in London.
Und jedes Mal erzählt er auf's Neue, dass Keine ihn haben will,
außer seine 2 Kittie Cats.... - Wer's glaubt, wird selig...

 Billy took this picture

Hannelore & Michael
true Fans, - at least one of them.... Guess who ?!
Meldet Euch mal !