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and they come, the see and the win - everything. Jesus wept, including the complete smoke of Los Angeles, or whatever the boys have brought us over here from across the ocean. -
To take one thing ahead - Mötley Crüe we still love you, whatever happened in the past, and however often or not, you come over here to Europe. But right now at this very moment, nothing matters. Up there the big band is exploding, torturing every single ear within this sporthall in Winterthur in Switzerland. And there are 6.000 ears belonging to 3.000 fans. 

Fact is also, due to the terrible foggy atmosphere, I've shot the most terrible pictures of my entiere carriere, I guess. Whereby this has not been a lack of my knowledge or something about my camera. But this voluminous fire - magic of Mötley Crüe doesn't allow a normal photographing. But who cares, the only thing what counts is the fact, - they are here right now and up there, the gods of sleazerock - performing within the so called Spirit of Rock festival. And the put out such an energy, that you probably could heat the whole city of Winterthur for a night or even two. 

Starting off the evening is a british rockband named Violent Storm. But they are not able to heat up the mood in here. K.K. Downing of Judas Priest produced their debut album and even played on it, but to be honest I can't discover any Priest influences or whatsoever. 
Compared to Papa Roach, the second band on the bill, who truly go their individual way and get along very well with all those Crüe fans here. 


You can see, that this is the next generation of Rock'n'Roll. They are still young, though they are going for quite a while now. They are selfconfident and winners. And Papa Roach have changed their style and their attitude. It's not so much alternative anymore, but rather straight Hardrock with Punk influences. Only the old hits remind us at their past shoot off times. 
Although not every die hard MC fan in here can cope with this band. Or should I better name it - the non accepting of any other style of music than onle one line. But at least the front in the audiance show a lot of enthusiasm, and singer Jacoby Shaddix smashes himself into the audiance for a little thank you. 
There is a huge impression within a Papa Roach performance. But it gets lost a bit within this big venue. When I saw them last time, about six months ago in a little club in Munich it came across even better, - actually miles better. view here. That's why exspecially I feel the difference so much. 
With the 'Last Resort' this set comes to an end, and the fans are still waiting only for one thing.........


.... and this my friends, starts with an eruption of all vulcanos on this earth in a double dimension. Holy shit , this here is the very last day. One explosion is followed by another, and the flames reach the ceiling. My compliment goes to the pyro technician. This man is an artist and the piece of art moves in a dimension which would never be allowed in Munich for instance - no way. 
But finally it has been a little too much of this fireing, and the local police prevented the encore of this show unfortunately.

But within this short 75 minutes Mötley Crüe shoot off an energy level, beyond of condition critical. Starting off the set with 'Dr.Feelgood, followed by 'Shout At The Devil' which after 20 years still sounds up to date and absolutely stunning. And right now, nobody in here stands still and sings along with them. And the boys don't leave out anything. The risk of a heartattack is increasing, and we have given in already our ears. Who cares.... 
Vince Neil does a great thing, Nikkis Sixx seems like 35 and not like 48, that's how old he really is and looks phantastic. Only Mick Mars doesn't seem that healthy, but he still plays a great guitar. And there is Tommy Lee's silhouette in the back. Unfortunately we don't see him really because of all this smoke.

Everything is perfect, the setlist, choreography, the magic and the pyro, despite a little technical sound problem, which is disolved easily and quick. It's almost a bit too perfect for my taste. But again - who cares. The fans luv it. Up there are their idols, their heroes, not from this world and untouchable, and every scandal what happened in the past is forgotten, as if it had never existed. 

The cultstatus is increasing at at least another 5 grades on a scale. And if Vince Neil would do a prayer and Nikki Sixx plays chess up there. It won't matter, because it's them, who are up there enjoying us with their pure presence. Facts like pure records sales or whatsoever vanish into Nirvana. For 3.000 fans this is pure happiness including xmas, eastersunday and birthday at once until the magic is rudely interrupted by the local authorities. 
Maybe next time The Crüe should take a little less pyro with them and put even more into the performance itselves. Hey guys, you don't need that much smoke and sensation besides. You are the sensation yourself for f... sake. It's overwhelming, it's asolutely stunning to have you here.
However, the slogan still is:
'Kickstart My Heart' with all it's possible power and a smoke poisoning. who cares - that's Mötley Crüe and hopefully still be it for a long time and  - yeah, please come back again to Europe soon...

an older interview with Nikki Sixx from 2001 you find 

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The Venue - 2 minutes after showtime

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