Every year again and again Jesus boychild comes down to us... and ain't even to soapy or untrue.. because Lemmy Kilmister is actually celebrating his 63rd Birthday on December 24. And also, what's up to 33 years of Motörhead out non plus ultra of dirty Rock'n'Roll is also celebrating his third spring. Jesus wept, I remember so well at times, when Motörhead has just about 50 spectators. But times are changing. And though it doesn't look to good for the Hard Rock genre right now in the international musicbiz, Lemmy and Co, seem head towards another peak, at least what's up to good Old Germany. 
No surprise though, as it is actually all those so called cult band, who seem to enjoy eternal life and success. And Motörhead surely have secured their cultstatus for quite a while. 
And there we are again, like every year around christmas. Accompanied by Saxon and Danko Jones, they are heading for another march throughout Europe. 
To be honest my friends, I don't wanna loose to many words about their appearances, as I did several reviews of all 3 band during the last 2 years. That's why I just want to note some things, but no more....

Danko Jones has been here as a Headliner within the past 24 months, and I was pretty much impressed....

But this time it shows clearly, what it means, to tour as a headliner or only as an opener support. To get it straight, it's nothing like a normal Danko Jones show. It starts with the low light conditions and to less energy and goes to the fact, that many Motörhead fans don't really get on with Danko. The famous pressure and sparkle, Danko usually spreads from stage to the audiance, gets a bit lost within this big venue. And the usual aggressive speak is nothing like normally. Like always he dedicates his music to all those dead Rock'n'Roll artists, like Jimi Hendrix and all Ramones members who have already passed away. He sends his regards to white women and trys to include all his smash hits within the 50 minutes show times. It's 'Sticky Situation', 'Baby Hates Me' and 'first Date' and more... 
However, my personal result is, that Danko Jones is a great stage act, when he's playing a headliner set in a smaller venue. But he should avoid these opener slots, as it puts down his image a lot and more...

Live in Munich

http:// www.dankojones.com/

Saxon do a bit easire thanks to their Status in the scenery and the obvious soul relationship to  und der offensichtlichen Seelenverwandtschaft zu Motörhead.

But also Saxon have got just 50 minutes to perform. And also here the aura get's a bit lost, not as much as with Danko, but still... Maybe it's because this lot gets more accepted by the fans, despite a few wrong tunes - who knows why.... Maybe because tonight is the last show before christmas for Saxon. Biff Byford let's fans choose the last song and gives them some examples... but it's very well calculated anway....

and within a too short time, the magic is gone again. I for my part can only say, I have never experienced such a short Saxon show, like this here... And yes, before I forget... Phil Campbell and Mickey Dee from Motörhead take the chance to move across the stage in a wheel chair when the band plays 'Wheels Of Steel'... The usual gag at the end of a tour...

Live in Munich

Live in Munich

Live in Munich


We are Motörhead, and we play Rock’n’Roll’.... the usual welcome to a show from Lemmy, starting off, that the walls are bursting here at the Zenith.

And we photographers are scared to death again because of all these countless stage divers, flying across the barriere. 

And like always it is rather difficult to take pictures at a Motörhead concert, thanks to too much light and the dry ice. Apart from that, it's still the same like all the other year's before, non compromising and straight between the eyes. 

Saxon give them back the gag right at the beginning of the show. And I myself shoot off after 3 songs taking pictures and watching two more... right through the middle of town (fortunately no traffic at nighttime) straight to the Backstage Venue to get some of Molly Hatchets gig there as well (see Review 393). 
In every case, Motörhead are once again the winners of tonight, convincing 5.000 kids, that they are still alive and kickin' hard. 


                                                                                  Some snapshots you find in the  Diary

Live in Munich

Live in Munich