Phil Campbell
just coming off a proper shave.....& heading to >>>>

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Munich, Dec 7  2008 - Zenith

Danko Jones
off stage he looks so different - & die Ausstrahlung ist komplett
anders - no glamour and Versage Shirt.....

Paul Quinn (Git. Saxon)
oben ohne....

Biff (Voc Saxon)
like always

Doug Scarrett
(Git. Saxon)
thanks for your friendship 

Live Review   -  deutsch  -  english

Bobby Ingram (git)
nice seeing you again after quite a while
& von der zwischenzeitlichen schlanken Linie ist auch nicht
mehr alles übrig.....

same night, only a little later on at the other side of town......

Munich, Dec 7 2008 - Backstage Halle

Live Review   -  deutsch  -  english

Phil McGormack (voc)
hasn't touched any drink for the past 17 years....